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August 13, 2013

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Four American heroes were murdered on 11 September 2012 in Benghazi, Libya while Obama Administration officials watched for SEVEN hours and didNOTHINGto help!

FACT:  Obama Admin Watched and Refused to Help

FACT: Naval Air Station, Sigonella, Italy
Just 30 Minutes Away

A simple internet search reveals that Naval Air support was just 30 minutes away atSigonella Naval Air Station as seen here:

Sigonella Naval Air Station is the “Hub of the Mediterranean” where the super-powerfulNaval 6th Fleetis based along with 34 other military and government organizations.F-18and other Fighter Aircraft fly at over1,000miles per hour and have a 2,000 mile range. 

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How Ignorant is America Now?

August 13, 2013

When I first saw the story a few days ago I blew it off and thought nothing of it.  I considered it a mole hill.  But now the Obama propaganda people have gotten a hold of the story and are presently making a mountain out of that mole hill.  What story am I talking about?  Why the Rodeo Clown in Missouri story but of course and today it’s been the TOP NEWS ITEM IN THE MSM!!  Un-frickin-believable!!!

This all began with a rodeo clown at a rodeo at the Missouri State Fair this weekend.  The clown dawned an Obama mask and sit on a broom in the middle of the arena while the announcer asked the crowd if they should let a bull go after him.   Apparently the crowd liked the bull idea and from there it was all down hill.  The clown has now been BANNED for LIFE from participating in any further rodeos.  The announcer who was also the rodeo president has been forced to resign.  Rodeo clowns must now undergo “sensitivity training” which is a nice CODEWORD for BRAIN WASHING.  The NAACP wants the Justice Department to investigate the whole matter and the Secret Service too!  And all of this because a clown in a rodeo wore a mask of a president???? WTF!

Now I’ve seen circus clowns and rodeo clowns were masks of presidents before several times.  I’ve seen them wear masks of Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush Jr and there has never been this kind of response.  I’ve never heard the NAACP calling for the DOJ and SS to investigate a clown wearing a mask period.  Why not? Why all this attention over an Obama mask?  Is Obama some sort of demigod that must not be insulted?  Is he some sort of Sultan that must be respected and not poked fun of at any cost?  Is he not MAN enough to take it?  Sorry but when you are a public figure you’d better get used to being made fun of and being the brunt of jokes!  That’s just the way it is and especially a leader ought to be MAN ENOUGH to blow it off and walk away.  Ah, but you see that is not the real agenda here comrades.  The real agenda has nothing at all to do with the rodeo clown wearing the mask……the REAL AGENDA here is CONTROL of the MASSES.  SOCIAL ENGINEERING designed to make the American people weak and afraid as well as obedient via doing ANYTHING these RATS can to BREAK THE WILL AND SPIRIT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!  The clown simply provided the opportunity to carry out the REAL AGENDA further.

Now if you think that is not the real agenda let us turn to comments made today by HHS Secretary Sebelius concerning ObamaCare.  She told lawmakers and the public that discussion and debate over ObamaCare should END NOW!  Basically, what she was telling Americans today was to SHUT THE F—-K UP and LAY DOWN AND TAKE IT SCUM!!  She told the crowd that ObamaCare is the “law of the land” and the SCOTUS has approved it as constitutional law (LMAO) and America reelected Obama so debate over ObamaCare needs to STOP.  WTF?  She sounded just like a little lackey of some NAZI DICTATOR!  I guess we are no longer allowed to discuss public matters????  Even though growing numbers of people are waking up to the FACT that there is going to be NOTHING AFFORDABLE about ObamaCare!  And forget the fact that back when that SHAM of a US Congress voted for it that the MAJORITY of the American people did NOT want it but it, like everything else, is rammed down our rotten throats as Congress and the elites EXEMPT themselves from whatever they pass into law including OBAMACARE!!

So the message from government today was SHUT THE F—K UP and don’t wear an Obama mask.  And the clown?  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if that clown gets disappeared to a GULAG in Alaska for life!!  Meanwhile, the frightened out of their wits American people who see shadow figures everywhere do NOTHING!  NOTHING!  We just lay down and take it while throwing our hands up in the air claiming there is nothing we can do about it and THAT IS THE VERY ATTITUDE THAT IS COSTING EVERY AMERICAN RIGHT NOW!  The Dems who really are not Dems at all but really are Fascist Corporatists already have plans on the drawing board to put Hillary Clinton in the Crap House in 2016.  Why?  Because she’ll continue all of Obama’s policies and achieve the goal.  And just what is the goal?  IMO it is the creation of an American Police State lost in TYRANNY in which there are two classes, super rich and super poor.  And for all you loud mouths out there you will NOT be one of the super rich.  You’ll all be part of the super POOR!  If you are not one of the elite super rich right now then guess what?  You’re NOT going to be!

So how ignorant is America now?  Not so long ago the outrage would NOT be over some nobody rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask but it would have been over a sitting US secretary basically telling Americans to shut up, lay down and take it!  There would have been a huge public outcry calling for her firing or resignation and the people of this nation would have branded Sebelius as a COMMIE!  But you see, comrades, the story of the clown and the story of Sebelius illustrate my point.  That is, WE’VE REALLY GOT OUR PRIORITIES SCREWED UP IN THIS COUNTRY NOW!  Instead of demanding Sebelius be put on the unemployment line for her NAZI COMMIE comments today we allow the Obama–Corporatist propaganda machine to sway our outrage towards the clown who, frankly, doesn’t matter squat.  And in doing so we allow the little COMMIE SEBELIUS to get away with saying what she said and without being FIRED for her public comments today.  Frankly, if I were POTUS I would have canned her happy ass IMMEDIATELY upon returning to her office!!  But NO DICE. Continue reading

Redneck Inbreds????

August 7, 2013

For a long while now I’ve been telling you that the standing joke in the halls of the Crap House is that Americans are inbred rednecks that are really really stupid. Well now it seems that Dr Craig Roberts has discovered the same. See the link below for his take. Hmmm…one problem however. I DON’T THINK AMERICANS ARE THAT STUPID!

Are Bloggers Journalists?

August 5, 2013

US Senators are debating just what and who comprises being a journalist.  And they are debating as to whether or not bloggers are entitled to protections under the 1st Amendment.  What they are debating is contained in the Senate Free Flow of Information Act of 2013 in committee.  That bill if passed into law would establish a “national shield law” giving journalists protection from testifying in matters when investigators want journalist sources revealed.  Senators are attempting to define just what a journalist is in today’s world of the Internet and Alternative Media.

Fact is today the term “journalist” means different things to different people.  Senators Dianne Feinstein and Richard Durbin claim that journalists are only those reporters who work for “traditional media” and who are paid by that “traditional media.”  Excuse me but me thinks these two Senators are about 30 years behind the times!  Can someone let Feinstein and Durbin in on the little secret that the world has Internet now???

The bill was introduced by Senator Chuck Schumer and the late Arlen Spectator (the guy who came up with the magic bullet theory that killed JFK btw) back in 2009.  Feinstein and Durbin want a strict definition of the world “journalist” especially after the WikiLeaks incident in which federal communications were revealed for the whole world to see.  Feinstein says she thinks the bill should only be applied to “real reporters” and she defines a “real reporter” as someone working for a paycheck for a “traditional media” in other words the MSM.  If Feinstein has her way the alternative media will NOT be protected.  Anyone let Feinstein know we’re in the 21st Century yet and we have the Internet???

Feinstein’s problem with the Schumer bill is that as it stands now it would give protections and special privileges to “people who aren’t really reporters….who have no professional qualifications.”  She and Durbin have presented an amendment to the bill that would narrowly define what a “journalist” is and is not.  Under their definition even free lance reporters would be OUT!  Feinstein reportedly specifically said that the bill should not apply to WikiLeaks or to any 17 year old high school drop out who buys a website for $5 and starts a blog.

Schumer maintains the bill as written has a much broader definition of what a “journalist” is and he believes the language of the bill is specific enough to include bloggers and unpaid contributors yet exclude WikiLeaks.  Continue reading

Terror Alert or Just More Fear Mongering???

August 5, 2013

As I’m sure you all know by now dozens of US Embassies and Consulates have been closed across the Mid East and will remain closed all week do to a reported possible terror attack.  This move is the result of alleged “high chatter” on al Qaeda websites that some officials say they’ve not seen on such a large scale since 9/11.  Of course anybody and everybody connected with the government and Congress are flapping their pie holes about it all which , frankly, leaves me scratching my head.  US officials have said that there was nothing specific, as usual, but today changed that to something specific. They revealed today that they have heard two al Qaeda leaders plotting attacks and they warn that the attackers may already be in place and an attack might be imminent.

Now the reason I’m left scratching my head in amazement and disbelief is that I’m wondering what is with all of the flapping loose lips in DC.  Nothing like tipping off the enemy, no?  Loose lips sinks ships!  Has DC forgotten?  Would not stealth preparations in anticipation of such an attack not be wiser?  Would not the element of surprise need to be on OUR side and not on al Qaeda’s side?  I don’t understand the strategy nor the logic in this.  But, then again, I know full well that we have a lot of MORONS up on Dung Hill and over at the Crap House that just don’t know when to keep their mouths SHUT!  They’re lucky I’m not POTUS or I’d have rounded up everyone of them by now and they’d be sitting in a Gulag for revealing State Secrets to the enemy!

Now SOME people are claiming that this is all a hoax in order to divert public attention away from last weeks revelations concerning the Obama Admin and what really went on in the story that just won’t go away known as the BENGHAZI AFFAIR.  We’ve learned that there were numerous CIA and military sources in the region at the time that did not or were kept from responding to the al Qaeda attack on the US Consulate that resulted in the wholesale slaughter of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and his entourage.  And we’ve also learned that what the real deal might have been was that the US was involved in funneling Libyan arms to al Qaeda in Syria, so some are reporting.  So, could this new unspecific terror threat and the closing of most US embassies across the Mid East be an attempt to divert public attention from the BENGHAZI AFFAIR?  Could be!  Or could not be!  One thing is for sure and that is as far as I can see the Obama Admin has been caught supplying arms before.  Case in point….Fast & Furious in which 2K assault weapons were supplied to the Mexican Drug Cartels courtesy of the ATF who astoundingly thought they could trace them but found they couldn’t.  So it would not surprise me in the least if the BO admin has been supplying Libyan arms to al Qaeda via Turkey and into Syria as is being reported by Infowars and other alternative media sites.

Don’t get me wrong. The terrorists are real and I think at times they do pose a real threat to our National Security and foreign interests.  That’s not what I’m questioning.  What I am questioning is this administrations way of handling these threats.  For one, why all the loose lips?  Those lips have been flapping all weekend unceasingly from US Senators to DHS officials to WH admin officials.  What happened to secrecy and not tipping the enemy off?  Why suddenly is everything public information?  The reasons may be varied.

Either the Obama admin is the most ignorant and foolish administration in American and World history OR they’re flapping their lips intentionally so Obama can stand with his Muslim brothers as he said he would.  OR the people up on Dung Hill and over at the Crap House really don’t know when to SHUT UP because they truly are FOOLS!  IF this threat is significant enough to close US embassies then it must be something BIG and specific IF it is real.  Therefore, officials should SHUT UP and allow the element of surprise to be on OUR side instead of al Qaeda’s.  But, with all of the flapping pie holes over the weekend and today I’ve come to DOUBT it is real.  In fact I’m quickly coming to believe that this is just more fear mongering by an admin that seems to think it must keep the American people in a state of perpetual fear.  Surely our leaders in DC are not so STUPID as to not know when to SHUT UP, right?  Or…..maybe they are that stupid and maybe that is why this nation is so SCREWED UP today!!

Whatever the case time will tell.  I’ll be watching this story closely and if it is all nicely swept under that dirty old carpet then I’ll know once again that it was all just more fear mongering and one more BIG FAT LIE.

Stay tuned……….




New video on our sister site 8-3-2013 #1 CNN confirms WND reporting on gun-running in Benghazi

August 3, 2013

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CNN confirms WND reporting on gun-running in Benghazi

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CIA Propaganda on Americans!

July 18, 2013

When I first heard about the CIA using propaganda on the American people in America I couldn’t believe it.  But apparently it is true.  Also turns out that CIA operatives in one form or another are in the media in mass.  And we wonder why the MSM is so inept today?  See the following articles for more on this shocking subject.  My question is this……WHY?  Why does the CIA, our government, feel the need to propagandize Americans at home?  And why is the CIA operating domestically when it is against the law?  The American people have been conquered and we now march headlong on the road of hardcore tyranny.  We The People are no longer running anything as our own government has designated us the enemies of the state!  And, still, there is NO OUTCRY in America?  We are just laying down and taking it hoping someone will wake us from the dream.  But this is no dream!  My God!  The leftists have won!




Zimmerman Verdict: The Dr of Common Sense Talks Common Sense!

July 15, 2013

A lot of what he says is true and common sense. He does in fact call them like he sees them. This guy is great!

“Benghazi Black Friday” Wild Bill for America

July 15, 2013

Originally posted on Boudica BPI Weblog:

WildBillforAmericaWildBillforAmerica·310 videos

Published on Jul 12, 2013


Concerned Americans wear black until there is justice for Benghazi.

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Zimmerman: INNOCENT!

July 14, 2013

A jury of 6 women with 1 being the token White found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin in Florida as I’m sure you all know unless you’ve been dwelling in a cave for the past day.  This verdict angered some people especially in Oakland, CA where protestors smashed store windows, set fires, and trashed police cars yet as they were engaged in this CRIMINAL behavior they were yelling for justice and wanting the “criminal” Zimmerman found guilty.  WTF?  That doesn’t make any sense.  But, please tell me what does make any sense in this society anymore.

Of course Obama had to put his two cents in and he appealed for calm stating that justice had been served.  This man seriously needs to stop inserting himself into every situation but me thinks he’s a big busy body….yeah it’s the ego.  Al Sharpton said the verdict was a slap in the face and many protestors carried signs stating that the criminal justice system in this nation is a corrupt farce. YA THINK?!  What’s new?  Some of us have known that for years now.

Now I must admit I have mixed feelings over this case.  The thing that really bothers me is that Zimmerman chose not to stop following Martin when the police dispatcher instructed him to stop following the YOUNG MAN.  Yes YOUNG MAN.  Sorry but Martin was NOT a small child or boy.  He was 17 years old!  That’s NOT a little boy!  Anyway, the fact that Zimmerman chose not to obey the commands of the police dispatcher has been a matter of concern for me.  What was he thinking?  We will never know I’m sure.  He should have done as directed IMO.

Another thing that has bothered me in this case is the MSM insistence that Zimmerman, first, was White and then, later, was said to be a “White Hispanic” whatever the hell that is.  CNN invented that one by pulling it directly out of their collective asses but I expected such from the Communist News Network!  FACT is Zimmerman is half white and half Hispanic just like Obama is half white and half black.  Is Obama a “white black”?  Maybe we should ask CNN since they seem to know so much about mixed races.  Sorry but Zimmerman looks HISPANIC to me and that’s what I’d call him.  But, then again, that wouldn’t appease the RACE BAITERS would it?

The jury determined that Zimmerman was innocent of murder.  I’m not so sure I would have agreed.  I might lean more towards manslaughter or something.  Of course my biggest question is why was Zimmerman carrying a gun?  He was a neighborhood watchman not a cop. Do all neighborhood watch people carry guns now?  How about pepper spray or a stun gun?  Why a gun?  Sorry but I would NOT feel safe with some neighbor carrying a gun around my neighborhood at night.  I’d leave that to the police and isn’t that what neighborhood watch is  all about?  Calling the police when you see something suspicious?  Why didn’t Zimmerman back off and stop following Martin.  I’m sure with a good description the police would have found Martin.  So it seems to me that Zimmerman did make a wrong choice and that wrong choice was to play cop and take the law into his own hands.  And the result was one young man dead.

Another thing that has bothered me in this case is just what was Martin doing that night?  Was that the first and only time he walked through that neighborhood?  Doubtful.  Was he breaking into homes or looking for someone to rob?  There’s no evidence of that at all.  And here’s another thing.  If someone were following me in the midst of the night I might just turn around like Martin did and ask them WTF they were doing.  No one likes to be followed by some “weirdo” in the middle of the night be they a “weirdo or not.”  And how many other blacks were walking through that neighborhood that night? How many whites?  How many Hispanics?  It’s NOT illegal to walk around at night.

This case has had many questions that were never adequately answered.  The result was two lives ruined.  Martin’s life is no more and Zimmerman’s life is now forever marred by what he did and didn’t do that night.  Was it worth it?  I doubt it.  Fact is a jury heard all of the evidence and weighed it and concluded that Zimmerman did not murder Martin and in a civil society we must honor that jury’s decision.  Anarchy in the streets is not justice.  Committing crimes because you don’t agree is not the weigh a civilized society operates but it is the way of a lost and ignorant society who wouldn’t know justice if it slapped them on the ass.  Either we honor our justice system or we ignore it and sink into chaos and anarchy and, thus, give the enemies within our midst every reason they need to declare martial law and really ramp up their growing reign of hardcore tyranny.

The MSM has treated this case in the worst ways and I think most of you have figured out by now what an absolute FARCE the MSM really is.  They will take facts and spin them into anything THEY want and to hell with truth and fact!  Perhaps that’s is why they are so WORTHLESS now.  Personally I no longer go to the MSM for news anymore.  But if I need a good laugh or to watch a drama play I do LOL.  What a JOKE!

It is tragic what happened that night one year ago in Florida involving Zimmerman and Martin.  It is easy to say what should or should not have been done but fact is what was done is done and nothing is going to change it.  Nothing is going to bring Martin back.  The jury has made their decision and we should honor that decision IF we wish to continue living in a civilized society.  If not and if we all want to live in chaos then hell let all hell break lose.  I for one do not wish to live in such a society.  What about YOU?



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