Libya: Did Obama Admin want US Ambassador Dead?

Where do I even begin dear Comrades?  The case before us is the murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya and it’s a story that just will not go away, thankfully.  FOX News is reporting today that prior to the murder Steven and his party put out several requests for help while they were under attack and every one of those requests was denied.  WTF?  Additionally, the US military and CIA assets in the area were told to stand down more than once!  Obama says he wasn’t personally aware of the requests.  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the US didn’t have enough info.  WTF?  Not enough info?  There were TWO drones in the area whose live video could have been immediately viewed by the WH, Pentagon, and State Dept.  How much more info did these losers need to grant the repeated requests for help?  And further at least one father of one of the slain Navy Seals says US officials “MURDERED” his son and he wants JUSTICE!  Amen to that!!

I cannot help but wonder if this Benghazi Affair, we shall call it, may be Obama’s Katrina moment.  Is this why there appears to be a MAJOR effort to hide the truth?  There is an obvious COVER UP going on here!  Why did all the military and CIA assets stand down for HOURS?  The battle went on for hours btw not minutes.  It’s almost like the Obama admin wanted Stevens dead OR no one was taking the urgency of the attack seriously.  Whatever the truth is it needs to be uncovered!  Clinton and Panetta ought to RESIGN NOW in absolute DISGRACE!  Here are the links to the stories involving today’s developments in the Benghazi Affair:|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D226394|main5|dl1|sec3_lnk1%26pLid%3D226394|main5|dl1|sec3_lnk2%26pLid%3D226394|main5|dl1|sec3_lnk3%26pLid%3D226394

A US Navy SEAL was on top of the roof manning a machine gun and he had a laser aimed at the terrorists brigade firing on the US compound.  He even went as far as calling in the coordinance and letting his superior know the compound was under attack.  Both US Military and CIA assets where in the area so there was no problem of sending immediate help.  So why were they all told to stand down?  Why were the repeated requests for help denied?  What more info did Panetta and the Obama admin need to send in the military or CIA to rescue Stevens and his party?  THEY WERE UNDER ATTACK!  Isn’t that enough info???

I love how this story has progressed of the past several weeks from just another minor demonstration to a riot to no riot to full scale para-military attack!  And I love how the two bit crap as video on YouTube has faded into the background as the “cause” for all of this.  A crap video that only had 50 hits prior to Sept 11, 2012!  Oh and let us not forget the Obama admin saying that the attacks had nothing to do with the 11th anniversary of 9/11, remember that comment?  WTF?!  Of course it did and ANY MORON would have concluded that as a FACT!  Except the Obama admin apparently!

Something is VERY awry in the Benghazi Affair and in fact the whole think stinks to high hades!  Someone wanted the US Ambassador dead!  Who and Why?  What did he know?  Does it have anything to do with his being gay or not?  What Fox News is reporting today, if accurate, means that the repeated calls for help were denied and help was told to stand down because someone wanted Stevens dead, clearly.  It’s time this admin comes clean and tells the truth and it’s PAST time for Clinton and Panetta to either resign or be FIRED!  It the Benghazi Affair was not planned then we’ve go the dumbest admin in world history!

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    genomega1 Says:

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    Libya: Did Obama Admin want US Ambassador Dead?

  2. 3
    Joanna Says:

    To answer your question in title of your post, I would say : no

    I still say Stevens was to be kidnapped with obama “ridding” to his rescue
    basking in his hero glory for the last 7 weeks before the election.
    Body of Ambassador Stevens was not immediatelly found…
    and the idiotic (chaotic) lies within first 48 hours coming from the White House
    supply plenty of evidence they did not know what exactly went wrong,
    maybe obama was blackmailed (with the weapons deal)…
    they did not who knew what on our side…

    Now the leaks are spinning around weapons/Turkey/Syria/Stevens chairing the move and the deals…
    and so on…that very well might be true …
    but no matter what was the reason for Stevens being there
    obama WOULD order rescue mission,
    since he didn’t it shows he knew what was supposed to be happening…
    and that my dear is accessory to murder….
    Listen to this caller on Rush’s show, it says what I knew all along:
    obama knew of the shooting , the attack within minutes…
    by the way the ficility was not a consulate, it was a safe house…
    …where the drones came from?…..

  3. 5
    upaces88 Says:

    Joanna, I think you are right. It wouldn’t have mattered “who was at that specific post at that specific time.” They would have been killed. Obama has blood on his hands now…JUST HIS HANDS. He knew what was going to happen weeks before when they requested for more security.
    He ignored them.

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