Major Hasan NOT to be Charged with Terrorism!!

Apparently the Obama admin has decided that US Army Major Nidal Hasan will NOT be charged with terrorism but “workplace violence” instead.  I know…OUTRAGEOUS!  The trial of Hasan has been delayed endlessly by the Obama admin.  Now they’ve decided that he’s not a terrorist even though he slaughtered numerous people at Ft Hood, TX.

Here’s some FACTS about Hasan and you decide if he’s a terrorist or if he just committed a simple act of “workplace violence.”

—Prior to opening fire on the bas he shouted “Allah Akbar!” numerous times and he also shouted it while he was shooting people at random.  That is the terrorist battle cry!  If he is not a terrorist then why was he yelling it mulitple times?

—He corresponded with a KNOWN top al Qaeda recruiter more than 12 times in a 6 month period leading up to his attacks and this FACT is known by the FBI.

—The al Qaeda recruiter whom Hasan communicated with multiple times was the RADICAL MUSLIM cleric Anwar al Awlaki who counseled Hasan concering the principles and conditions that justify a radical Muslim JIHAD.

—Awlaki was an American.  He was killed, allegedly, in a drone strike in Sept 2011.  It is a known FACT that he influenced the underwear bomber Urmar Farouk Abdulmutallab.  So why would he not influence Major Hasan as well?

—For months the FBI monitored communications between Hasan and Awlaki ahead of Hasan’s mass murder.  For some very ODD reason the FBI failed to designate Hasan as a terrorist threat!

—The US Army and the FBI both knew Hasan was having contact with terrorist leader Awlaki yet chose to do nothing as far back as 2005 until his terror attack at Ft Hood.

So what is it?  Is Hasan a CIA operative?  Why the delay?  Why ignore the CLEAR FACT that Hasan IS a TERRORIST and he is!  Is the Obama admin afraid of offending radical Muslims by charging Hasan as a terrorist?  Is the “workplace violence” charge just another way in which this administration continues to KISS THE ENEMIES ASS?  WTF?

Here’s another FACT.  It is apparent that the Obama admin has tried desperately to water down this case so the question is WHY?  And why has this case take so long to come to trial.  And, wait, there is another delay now.  This delay is a JOKE!  It all has to do with Hasan’s beard.  That’s right!  You heard me correctly!  I said Hasan’s frickin BEARD!  The court has ruled he must appear in court clean shaven.  His lawyes reject the idea and now they are appealing the court ruling so guess what?  MORE DELAY!  MONTHS OF MORE DELAY!  Is the admin hoping that this will all just magically go away and everyone will forget about Hasan?  Ain’t goin to happen!  He MURDERED our fellow citizens and service members in Nov 2009 at Ft Hood, a US Army installation.  He committed a TERRORIST ATTACK clearly!  The mere fact that the Obama admin is charging this TERRORIST with “workplace violence” clearly proves beyond any doubt that this is some sort of CHARADE!


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  1. 1
    upaces88 Says:

    He will have to be placed in Solitary Confinement then…….for his own safety….OR NOT!

  2. 2
    Joanna Says:

    I am in shock, I tell you…in shock….

    • 3
      upaces88 Says:

      Joanna, I really wish I could say I am in shock. I’m not. He loves the Muslims and hates U.S. Citizens and OUR (or HIS) OWN MILITARY.

  3. 4
    AFVET Says:

    I was afraid this would happen.
    So, evidently under the Obama administration, you can gun down unarmed troops at a Fort in the United States while shouting Islamic radical phrases and you are essentially exonerated ?
    And will be fed and clothed and sheltered with American taxpayer dollars for the rest of your life ?

    WRONG !!!
    Put him on an IOWA PIG FARM, and make him work his ass off for as long as he wants to live.
    This is bullshit !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 5

      You express my thoughts perfectly AFVET. The delays in bringing him to trial first raised red flags with me. Numerous witnesses, video, etc. It looked like an open and shut case but no dice! Is Holder hoping if the trial takes long enough we’ll all just forget about it? Yeah why not been a presidential medal on Hasan in a WH ceremony? Let’s just go all the way in appeasing the radical Muslim enemy al Qaeda! Hell maybe Obamy will even name a ship after him. WTF?!! This is beyond OUTRAGEOUS! Try the bastard and execute him for TREASON!

  4. 6
    baliosv Says:

    Don’t forget that this Hassan guy is still receiving his $75,000 salary. It is becoming more and more apparent that BOB is a traitor and a mole. Additionally, all of the voter fraud and intimidation committed so far in this election is in the demagogue’s favor. Remember that the justice dept refused to prosecute the black panthers arrested on clear voter intimidation charges. This has set the stage. I and others did express our concerns to our US reps (thus the voter ID laws) and they are also on alert to counter any effort by administration to really take over the govn’t. It sure is crazy!! The Left has now sent out observers from other countries to “monitor” elections in red states. ):(

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